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 Entry #47 - Collected Item #8 - Ilya's Scroll of Insight.

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Entry #47 - Collected Item #8 - Ilya's Scroll of Insight. Empty
PostSubject: Entry #47 - Collected Item #8 - Ilya's Scroll of Insight.   Entry #47 - Collected Item #8 - Ilya's Scroll of Insight. EmptyFri May 31, 2013 3:42 pm

Designation: Ilya’s Scroll of Insight.

Description: The scroll appears as one (1) rolled up ancient papyrus. The skin on the sheet is somewhat dried up, brittle even as a result of the subsequent rise from the depths of the sea. There is no ink upon it. At the core there is an orichalcum bar, upon which the scroll is curled around. The end tips of the scroll have small silver weights so as to keep it stable.

Acquisition: Once more, this artefact has been acquired in the Temple of Eternal Radiance, amidst the ruins. It has been retrieved upon the retrieval of item number #10, by one of the search parties involved in its search. Apparently drawn to and found by Aluminesca, it has since then been placed under the Brotherhood’s care for further study.

Powers and Abilities: While at first nothing more than a blank piece of parchment, item #8’s abilities begin manifesting when confronted and utilized in the midst of an investigation. Those who, during the time of a decision find the scroll within their field of vision are drawn to open it up and consult its writings.

The effects of these writings are then varied. While the one who currently holds the scroll finds vast insight in regards to the trouble which they sought to solve, any third party involved in the decision making process does not see the information portrayed by the scroll, often creating discord between the two involved parties.

In another experiment, it has been seen that it is possible to transcribe the knowledge described by the scroll to a piece of parchment. However, once this begins, throughout the duration of the transcription it is unadvisable to break the transcription. Tests performed in captured specimens have revealed that interruption during the moment of transcription may send the subject into shock, and sometimes even involuntary cardiac arrest.

Addendum #1: Most of the transcripts made by the Specimens in question have offered insight as to how to escape captivity. The transcripts are as follows.

“In death’s embrace you will find your freedom.” – Human Male Priest of Grenth.

“Your escape is held within the mirror’s source. A key can be found through your charm and wile. Retreat to the fortress of your mind and find yourself the time to accept the inevitable.” – Human Priestess of Kormir.

Many other inquiries were made. The specimens do not seem to remember the process of transcription, falling into a deep slumber after, but nevertheless are capable of interpreting and reading that which they’ve written, regardless of the seeming absence of memory of the event. The slumber is only verifiable in the cases in which transcription is performed. Why this occurs is yet to be determined.

Addendum #2: Aluminesca has been requested to meditate within the Menagerie within the reach of the scroll. After a while, she has been drawn to open the scroll. Having been requested prior to the test to write all of her findings, she has then begun to read through the scroll. As far as I could measure, the scroll remained empty.
Then, using a quill, Aluminesca has begun to write out the first few lines of the conclusion, as well as the several drawings which accompanied her reading. The drawings are as follow:

One (1) depiction of four people, similar amidst one another though with different heights and hairstyles. One of them is in the centre while the three others attack the middle figure.

Two (2) depictions of all four figures knelt down side by side. The first they are evenly spaced out. Upon the second, they begin to draw into a single frame, being allocated over each other.

The following transcripts can also be seen “Amidst your brothers you will find that which you seek. Through pain and scouring, confrontation and loss you will find yourself in the solace and the union of the self. The decision to be whole is yours to make.”

After writing, Aluminesca has fallen into a deep slumber, sleeping for three (3) hours after the transcripts were performed. Any attempt to awaken her have been unsuccessful. After, she seems to have no memory of the event. When presented the scriptures, she has taken upon herself to follow its advice and has been noticed strengthening her bonds within the Brotherhood.

Addendum #3: The Scroll was moved to Mei Lin Chen’s laboratory so that further testing may be performed under her consent. As Mei is seen reading through her notes again on recent affairs, she is finally drawn to consult the scroll. Much like all other previous subjects, the scroll remains empty to a third party but the test subject continues reading intently.
Having been requested to write down all the information which she is able to take from the scroll, she then begins writing down several different transcripts as well as a few drawings of human anatomy and various different notes, most of these focused on the head. Adding further detail the transcriptions are as follows.

“To break down one’s composition to a basic level, it is clear that there are complementary chemicals which act beyond our control Different physiologies will no doubt wield different chemical compositions, which may be complementary. In order to be fabricated, the origin and the process which is required to synthetize the production of these chemicals must be understood. Thus far, it is well known that all manner of discharges and controllable urges to the most basic level are controlled by the brain.”

There are several different sketches, focused on the human skull. One (1) is of a human skull with an incision over the head, suggesting the subsequent removal of the brain.

One (1) picture of the human brain divided into four (4) different categories cut vertically. Below this picture, the following transcript follows.

“It is possible to deduct that by the observation and experiencing of these effects that the complementary result of the mixture of these two chemicals segregated by both the male and the female counter-parts of the human interaction and system of courtship, that the result acts as a stimulant for the pleasure centres of the brain. In order to understand the nature of this, the areas affected must be pinpointed and analysed.”

After this last transcript, Mei has seemed to come to a halt for a moment. Gazing upon the scroll again, she has written one last transcript.


After this, she seems to have awakened before falling into a deep slumber, once again for two (2) hours. Upon awakening, she has had no memory of the occurrence and showed frustration over falling asleep during her research. When presented with the transcripts, the language is clear to her and intelligible. She has manifested surprised and taken the copies for herself to further her research.

Addendum #4: Given the accuracy of the insight provided, subsequent studies are pending to determine the subject’s possibility of sentience and if so, if it contains any manner of telepathic capabilities and intent.

Location: The Scroll is currently being held within the lower level of Lion’s Arch Menagerie opposite to item #4. It is under access of the Prophet, Laughing Dancers and Scribes of Naught. Proceed with caution (Refer to Addendum #4 for more details.)
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Entry #47 - Collected Item #8 - Ilya's Scroll of Insight.
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