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 The Rules.

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The Rules. Empty
PostSubject: The Rules.   The Rules. EmptyMon Dec 31, 2012 7:13 am

This is quite simple. It's simply the rules and guidelines which are related to the Wheel of Entropy community. So let us start off without further delay:

Rules and Guidelines:
1 - Don't be an asshole. That's pretty self-explanatory. Don't go around goading other people into flame wars and the likes. That's pretty simple.

2 - Have some common sense. Seriously, before you post something, would you look back at your post and say "I do think this is going to contribute to what we're discussing and improving the community."

3 - Avoid political discussions and religious topics if you don't think you can handle them in a mature way. Things are to be discussed, not cried about.

4 - If you have an issue with someone, mail it to the moderators or the administrators, so it can be acted upon. Complaints without action are the same as nothing.

5 - If you see something wrong, report to the moderators. The community can only be improved with -your- feedback.

6 - Don't be afraid to participate in the community's growth. This is encouraged.

7 - Don't carry out In Character grudges Out Of Character. Talk it out like grown people. If not, refer to rule number 4.
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The Rules.
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